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Charlie Rowland

Charlie Rowland was born in Wendell on July 23rd, 1899.  His parents were Oliver Lee Rowland and Carrie Gussie Toom Rowland.  He married another Wendell native, Reca Mazelle Richardson, on November 20, 1928.

Charlie Rowland played baseball in the Minor Leagues during the 1920’s, and 1930’s.  During the 1940’s he moved up to the Majors as a Pittsburgh Pirate.  While he did have some time as a Major League player, the majority of his career was in the Minor Leagues.

After he retired from baseball, he returned to his beloved Wendell.  Everyone who knew Charlie agreed that he was a very kind man and was always a gentleman.  Charlie Rowland died on January 21, 1992.  Throughout his long life, he never lost his love for the game of baseball.

Ray Hinnant

June 8, 2010

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