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Wendell Historic Property Program
Nomination forms are now available. Copy of form is found below. If you would like to apply for this program, please complete the form below. Fax number and mailing address for completed forms are on page 2 of the nomination form. This nomination form will be reviewed by the Historical Property Committee of the Wendell Historical Society. This committee will review and discuss your nomination for possible designation as a Wendell Historic Property. Owners of designated properties may purchase a marker from the Society for a donation of $35.This marker (shown below) should be placed on the property by the owner and is only to be used for those approved properties.

Please click below for nomination form
Historic Building Nomination

 Current Members of this Program
The White Dove Wedding Chapel: 3025 Wendell Blvd.
The Wendell Christian Church: 421 Mattox Street
Chris and Crystal Smith: 101 South Main Street
Keith and Kara Acree: 102 South Main Street
Laura Evans: 219 North Hollybrook Road
Joe and Laurie Howell: 218 South Cypress Street
Dale Pixley: 228 Wendell Falls Parkway
Sidney and Ann Baynes: 3910 and 3900 Wendell Blvd
Jerry Strickland and Rudy Pearce Sr.: 3901 Wendell Blvd.
Tim and Angie Sherrill: 121 South Main Street
Robert and Kathryn Dail: 108 Wendell Falls Parkway
Roger and Susan Matney: 335 West Third Street

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